Bathroom Organization and Storage

We all have at least one, most have two, and some have many.  To what are we referring?  We are referring to bathrooms, of course!  If you are like most in the United States, then you probably have two bathrooms in your home.  Usually, one is located in the master bedroom with a second bathroom located in a hallway near the other bedrooms.  This is often referred to as the guest bathroom or the kids’ bathroom.

Luckily, your house guests are probably polite enough not to peek into your cabinets underneath your bathroom sinks.  If they did, what would they find?  Perhaps they would find rolls of extra toilet paper, some bath toys, bottles of cough medicine and boxes of allergy tablets amidst a jumble of cords from hairdryers and various hair curling and straightening appliances.  It sounds like a risky venture to look in there!  You may not clean or organize the area often in the belief that nobody looks in there, and it doesn’t really matter.  But, what if the dreaded day arrives?  You have a guest using the facilities, and they run out of toilet paper.  You meant to put a fresh roll on the back of the toilet, but you forgot.  Now your guest is stuck with no choice but to peek into the cabinet in hopes of finding the much needed extra roll!  Your secret is out!  Your guest has obtained the toilet paper, but they have also seen the disaster that lies behind the cabinet doors!

Organizing your bathroom cabinets and drawers might not seem like that difficult of a task or that important, but the above scenario would have gone differently if your guest had opened the cabinet doors to a beautifully arranged system of baskets and pull-out drawers where everything was neatly kept.  In fact, they would probably come out of the bathroom saying something like, “Hey, sorry I had to get into your cabinet to grab toilet paper.  But, man, it looks great.  Who did that for you?  I would love for my bathroom cabinets to be that organized.  I can’t find anything in mine.”

This is when you can proudly tell them that you hired Artistic Closet Designs to organize your bathroom cabinets.  And, they can hire us to do theirs too!  It IS important to keep your bathrooms organized, to throw out expired medications on time, and to have toilet paper readily accessible for family and friends in their time of need.  We can make any space more organized if given the opportunity.  We are located in Melbourne and serve all the surrounding areas, such as Palm Bay, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  Give us a call today and experience the difference we can make in your home with our closet and garage organizers!

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