Organizing for the Sake of Family

With a new year, we often become introspective, thinking about the deeper things in life.  Sadly, many people experience the loss of a loved one during the holiday season.  It just seems a little sadder during the holidays, but regardless it is part of life which we all know and accept.  This blog is definitely not meant to depress you but rather to draw attention to the fact that many of us are completely disorganized.  When we pass away, we leave behind a whole lot of STUFF.  Even if we don’t live a cluttered life, we still have a lifetime of things that our family has to go through deciding what to keep, throw away, or sell.  They have to find all our important paperwork and figure out what to do with our house and car.  In other words, a loved one’s death produces a giant undertaking (no pun intended) for those left to handle the estate.

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Organizing and Storing Your Gardening Supplies

Although it is winter, it is never too early to think about your spring gardening. You may be thinking about where you want to plant a first-time garden or what plants you want to add to an ever-growing garden. For any avid gardener, be it flowers, vegetables, or both, there are “tools of the trade” that you must possess and store.

A small shovel or trowel is a necessity for digging small holes in which to put your seeds or baby plants. They are also useful in digging up stubborn weeds. A three-pronged cultivator is another handy tool which can help with digging and weeding too. They are great at tearing into a stubborn root! One needs pruning shears to cut back certain plants during the year to allow for new, healthy growth. These come in a small, handheld version as well as a long-handled version, depending on your needs. Most gardeners have both. And, of course, don’t forget gloves! Not only can there be bacteria in the soil, you never know when a thorn might decide to deposit itself in your finger!

Along with your regular gardening tools, depending on how large your garden and its plants are, you may also use implements like full-size shovels and hoes. It is important to have a place to keep your gardening tools. If you leave them outside, they will most assuredly rust as the humidity in Florida is excellent at rusting things. You may have an outdoor shed in which to keep them which is great. But, how organized is your shed? Can you easily find the tools you are looking for?

Because of the wide array of storage and organization systems we offer, we can definitely make something to handily store your tools, giving you ease of access and the ability to find your items quickly because they will have their designated space in which to be kept. If you don’t have a shed, we can build you an organization system in your garage. Our Org-It-Wall might be the perfect solution for you. You can hang all your various tools on it. We can even hang a basket to hold your gloves.

Along with your tools, you may be storing things like seeds, soil, and fertilizer. The baskets that can be hung on the Org-It-Wall would be perfect for storing packets of seeds. For your soil and fertilizer, you might like us to build you a storage closet or a nice set of storage cabinets with your Org-It-Wall above them. We will work with the space you have to get your gardening accessories neatly stored and organized.

All you have to do is call us at Artistic Closet Designs. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and budget. We will work with you to make sure our design is to your satisfaction. Then, we will build you a beautiful space to store your gardening tools and supplies. If you are in the Melbourne, Satellite Beach, or Vero Beach areas, then please give us a call today!

Organizing Your Home-School Area

If you have chosen to homeschool your child or children, then you know that adding school supplies into your home space can be a challenge. You no longer just have them bringing home their binders, you are storing everything at home for them, including your teaching supplies. Some of you are able to dedicate a whole room as a classroom which is awesome. For others, it may be conducted at your dining table with your supplies stored in any available space you can find.

We know that you value your child’s education. You have chosen to homeschool because you feel that it is the best option for your child. That doesn’t make it any easier to store everything or stay organized, however! That is where we come to the rescue!

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What Org-It Wall Can Do for You

Org-It Wall is one of the many wonderful organizing tools that we have at Artistic Closet Designs.  We don’t limit ourselves to only closet organizing.  In the same way, we don’t limit you to only having closet organizing options with us.  We want to help organize every space in your home!  Our Org-It Wall is generally used in garages, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.


With Christmas over, we know that there will be lots of new toys to be stored away for both the kids and the “big kids” in your life.  What do you do when all four kids get new bicycles from Santa?  Or, where is Dad going to put his new fishing rod?  He has quite a collection going and nowhere to properly store them.  Mom got a new boogie board that she has to now store along with her skimboard.  We have a storage solution for all of these needs!


The Org-It Wall is not just one wall as the name might imply. It is simply an organizing system.  Org-It Wall has bicycle racks that can mount to the garage wall or ceiling.  It has fishing rod racks.  It offers different sizes of both mesh and wire baskets, as well, for your storage needs.  It also offers great hook systems for storing things like mops and brooms which never seem to have a proper home.


There is also a maple table top available along with the Org-It Wall and hooks to make a wonderfully organized and attractive workbench area in your garage.  We can also add great storage cabinets and drawers to this space.  In fact, this could make a really great Christmas gift for that “do-it-yourself” person in your life.


Another great organizing tool that the Org-It Wall offers is a variety of sports equipment racks.  No more balls rolling all over the garage or baseball bats rolling off a shelf and landing on your toe or head!  Every possible piece of sports equipment that you can think of can be put away properly where everyone can find what they need quickly and easily.  No longer will you be scouring the house and garage for a soccer ball or a baseball mitt as you are trying to head out the door to practice.  You now have a one-stop shop where all sports equipment is neatly stored.


Along with all the great garage organizing tools that we offer – hooks, drawers, racks, cabinets, and more – your garage, laundry room, or mudroom are well on their way to being clean, organized spaces.  If you live in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, or beachside areas, then please give us a call today.  We look forward to meeting with you and coming up with the perfect Org-It Wall for your needs!

De-Cluttering After the Holidays

While winter in Florida is not exceptionally cold, we definitely have cold days.  Add to that the twinkling of Christmas lights, the glow of holiday-scented candles, and darkness descending by 5:30 in the evening, and it’s pretty easy to get snuggled down for the winter!  As winter is really just officially beginning, the new year starts and it is time to take down the holiday decor.

This is a perfect time for decluttering after the holidays!  It can sound like a big task and, for many, the very thought of it is discouraging.  However, it doesn’t have to be a dastardly deed.  It can be done in stages and it can be done faster than you think.  As you take down your decor around the house, make sure to wrap it properly prior to storing it until next year.  If something is breakable, take an extra few seconds to wrap it in bubble wrap or, at least, newspaper.  If any of the decor around the house has broken or faded, it is time to say goodbye.  Outdoor decorations are particularly prone to fading, so if the Santa swinging from a wreath on your front door now has pink pants instead of bright red, you might want to retire him.

As you take the decorations off the tree, make sure to throw away any ornaments that have not survived the season.  This is more apt to happen if you have toddlers or pets who find the shiny ornaments irresistible!  If your tree is not pre-lit and you have strands of lights, definitely toss any that have stopped working.

As for any holiday linens you have, such as placemats, tablecloths, or table runners, you may want to wash them before storing them away for the year.  If any food has gotten on them, the stain will surely set if it is baking in your attic for a year!  If you can’t get the stains out, then you should throw them away.  After the holidays is a great time to find sales on items like holiday linens, so you will be all set when next year rolls around!  Candles should not be stored outside of AC as they are prone to melting in our warm Florida weather.  It is still winter, so don’t hesitate to keep using those holiday-scented candles until they are depleted.

As always, Artistic Closet Designs is here to help with your storage and organizing needs.  If you are in need of more storage for your holiday items or anything else in your home, we are here to help.  Maybe after hosting the holidays, you have decided that your kitchen needs to be more functional.  Let us take a look and come up with a closest organization and storage system that works for you.  If you are in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, or beachside areas, then call us today for all your storage and garage organization needs.

Closet Organizers are More Than Just Shelves and Hanging Rods

Closet organizing systems have come a long way over the years.  You can still go to a store like Lowe’s or Home Depot and find some basic organizing materials, but they are nothing compared to what is offered by professionals like us at Artistic Closet Designs.  We aren’t trying to toot our own horn.  We just want you, the customer, to be fully informed about the amazing options that are now available to you.  Gone are the days of just plain white laminate shelving with silver hanging rods.  We have so much more available and are excited to share it with you.

Our closet organizing systems are specialized just for you and your specific needs.  We sit down with you and plan it out together.  We don’t come to you with a “one size fits all” approach.  We look at each closet as its own unique space and make it into something useful and beautiful.

Aside from shelving and hanging rods, we offer a wide variety of options such as drawers and basket systems.  We also offer many specialty items.  If you have expensive jewelry that you would like to store properly without it getting tangled together, then our velvet-lined acrylic jewelry trays might be a good choice for you.  Perhaps you have to wear slacks with a shirt and tie to work every day.  We have tie cubbies and belt racks available.  These are just some of the additional accessories we have to offer.

Perhaps you like the clean look of white shelving.  That is completely fine!  But, before you make your choice, check out the many different finishes we have available.  We offer fifteen deluxe wood grain finishes and an additional seven wood grain finishes in our Mediterranean collection.  We are also proud to introduce our Lusso collection which consists of several linear woodgrains in the current color trends, along with white and black.

Another aspect to our specialties is the hardware that we offer.  You are not stuck with one choice of handles and knobs or with white plastic handles.  We will help you choose any variety of handles and knobs that you would like to give your closet organizing system the finished look that you desire.

As you can tell, there are many more options available to you when you choose Artistic Closet Designs for your closet or garage organizing needs.  We can keep it as basic or elaborate as you desire.  You are the customer, and it is our goal to meet your needs and to gain another happy client.  If you live along the Space or Treasure Coasts from Melbourne down to Vero Beach, then please call us today!  We look forward to working with you!

How Do I Store Holiday Decor?

The holidays often include decorating the house, sometimes both inside and out.  When the holiday season rolls to a close, you have a lot of stuff to store!  As so often is the case, you probably even accumulated a few more decorations during the season too.  As this happens year after year, storage can truly become an issue.  Where should you keep items that you only use once a year?

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Switching Out Your Wardrobes

With winter and the colder temperatures approaching, we thought we would discuss switching out your warm weather and cold weather clothing in your closets.  We realize that there isn’t a massive shift in temperatures here in Florida throughout the year, but we do have our winter, be it ever so mild.  We still get a chance to put on jeans and wear long sleeves or sweaters, even the occasional jacket!  For women, you may have those cute boots that you only get to wear a few times a year, and you look forward to those few days!


As a resident of Florida, the majority of your wardrobe is probably made up of clothes befitting warm weather and shoes like flip-flops as opposed to parkas and Ugg boots.  For some of you with a good sized wardrobe, you may not be able to adequately fit both your warm weather and cold weather clothes in your closet at the same time.


If this is the case, we definitely have a few tips to help you with this process.  Your storage space may largely determine how you store your clothes that are designed for the opposite season.  You may wish to choose large plastic tubs that are easily found at stores like Walmart or even Lowe’s.  If you are short on space, then we recommend looking into space-saving bags.  These bags are designed to store clothes using as little space as possible.  You take your hose attachment on your vacuum, suck out all extra air in the bag and watch it flatten to an incredibly thin bag storing your items.  These items will likely need major ironing upon their release the next time you need them, so bear this in mind.  It may be easier to throw them in the washer, then dry using a de-wrinkle cycle as opposed to the time-consuming task of ironing all of them.


Never put away ALL your items from the opposite season.  Keep out a few key, favorite items just in case there is a shift in the weather sooner than you expect or an unseasonable weather front that changes the temperatures for a short period of time like a few days or a week.  This way, you won’t be caught unprepared, having to climb up into the attic and rummage through a tub just to have clothes for a few days.


As always, we recommend you putting your clothes away in as organized a fashion as possible.  You can refer to one of our recent blogs for great suggestions on how to organize your wardrobe.  If during this process you find that your closet is just not meeting your needs and you are getting frustrated, then it is time to call us at Artistic Closet Designs.  We can’t wait to sit down with you and design the closet organizing system that is just right for you!  Maybe we can even find some space for you to store your opposite-season clothing!


If you live in the Melbourne area or even surrounding areas such as Vero Beach, we would love to be your choice for closet organizers!  Please give us a call today.  We look forward to working with you and making your closet the organized space you have been wanting!

The Gift of Organization

Being organized is a gift.  Some of you have it naturally; some of you don’t.  Did you know that you can also give the gift of organization?  Okay, you can’t actually impart your natural ability to organize to someone else.  If we could, wouldn’t we pass it along to everyone we know in our lives?  It just makes life go a little smoother, doesn’t it?  But, you CAN actually purchase organization for someone in your life!  By calling us at Artistic Closet Designs, you can purchase an organization system for someone you know!

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I Have My Closet Organizer, Now What?

At Artistic Closet Designs we thought that after we put in your beautiful, new closet organizing system, you might be pondering exactly HOW to put all your items back in your closet in an organized fashion to get the most out of your “new” closet.  We wanted to offer a few suggestions to help you get the most out of it.

First, when putting away your hanging items, we suggest putting each “type” together.  For example, from left to right, put tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, then sweaters and jackets.  Additionally, to make your clothes even easier to find, put each group in order by color.  For instance, you could go light to dark.  So, all tank tops are hung together with all whites, then neutral shades, then blues, greens, browns, and blacks.  Next, short sleeve tops are hung together with the same color order.  Continue this pattern until all your hanging items are hung.  Now, when you need to grab that specific navy blue long sleeve top, you will be able to find it in a matter of seconds compared to the ten minutes you used to spend digging through your old, unorganized closet, hoping it wasn’t lying on the floor somewhere wrinkled beyond recognition!

For women, you will likely have skirts and dresses to hang along with your tops and sweaters.  We suggest hanging those in order from short to long or long to short, whichever you prefer.  Then, if possible hang them in a somewhat color-coded system as you did with your tops. Dresses tend to have prints on them as opposed to solid colors, so it might be a little trickier, but we know you will come up with a system that works well for you like all stripes together and all florals together.

If you have had us add drawers for items like shorts and pants, we suggest laying them in the drawers in organized piles. For example, all nice shorts can be in a pile – those made of cotton, linen, and such.  If you have workout shorts or shorts you use for projects around the house, put those in a separate pile.  For women, put leggings in a pile with jeans in a separate pile.  You now have a nice, organized pants and shorts drawer!

For a drawer of undergarments, we suggest folding them neatly in piles.  Men, you may have undershirts that you also want to fold neatly and put in this drawer.  Socks are another item that may go in this drawer or their own drawer depending on how many you own.  We suggest that you keep socks together by holding them together and folding the neck of one sock down over the other.  Now that you have all your socks paired, you can put them in order with all short, ankle socks together, longer socks together, and dress socks together.  No more looking for your sock’s buddy or the right type of sock as you get ready for work or play.

If you have children, these are great tips to apply to their closets as well.  We are sure you will be pleased with how much quicker they get dressed in the morning when they are able to find what they want so easily.  It can be easy to get lazy and slip back into old habits.  So, every time you put your laundry away, put it where it belongs and move anything that you notice is out of place.

We hope you have found these tips helpful whether you are just now putting all your clothes back into your newly designed closet or are wanting to better organize your existing closet.  If you have not yet called us at Artistic Closet Designs to build your closet organizers, and you live in the Melbourne or Palm Bay areas, then please call us today!  We think you will be surprised at what we can do for you!