House Prep Before Vacation

Vacation time is here, and Artistic Closet Designs is here to provide you with all the prep tips we can! So, this month look out for our vacation preps blogs. We hope you find them helpful and that you enjoy your much-deserved vacation! This week we will provide suggestions to help you prepare your home before leaving. Here are a few tips and reminders to check out.

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Signs it’s Time for a New Wardrobe

What you wear is sometimes more than just clothes. These articles hold memories, scents, and sometimes a whole lot of luck. There is nothing worse than when it comes time to start sorting through your closet and choosing which clothes need to get donated, pit in safekeeping or are still fit to be seen by the general public.

We at Artistic Closet Designs understand the struggle deciding the fate of some of your favorite clothes. We know that it can be hard choosing what is a must keep and what is on its last legs. So, we are here to help with a few quick questions to ask yourself every time you are debating the fate of some of your beloved articles of clothing. Ask yourselves these quick and simple questions, answer them honestly and then move on. Simple as that.

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DIY Fathers Days Gift Ideas

June is here and along with it comes a Dad’s shining moment: Father’s Day. This is a day where we give our thanks and love to the fathers or father figures in our lives. For some, finding a gift for Dad is easy, but for many, this isn’t always the easiest of tasks. We at Artistic Closet Designs understand the struggle that is finding a gift that will show your dad how much you really love and value him. So, we thought it might be nice to put together some simple do it yourself projects that will make your Father feel 100% appreciated.

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3 C’s for Summer Fashion

Spring, where have you gone? How is summer quickly approaching us in Melbourne, Florida already? Soon it will be Father’s Day, and then the Fourth of July, then Labor day and so on. We at Artistic Closet Designs know that summer is at Brevard Country’s front door and we are about to let it in. And when we let summer in, we also have to allow their plus one “the heat” along with it.

Summers in Vero Beach can be extremely beautiful, but they can also be extremely warm and humid. This heat can affect how one may choose between certain clothing items for specific events. Whether it is a day-to-day outfit or a special occasion, it may be smart to consider the 3 C’s of summer fashion before venturing out into the Florida sunshine.

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The Art of Finding Your Happy Place

After a long day out in the world, when you make your way back to your house, do you consider this your home or it is just a place to rest your head? If your answer was the latter, it may be time to consider ways to take your space from a house to an actual home. Many people see their house as just a thing rather than an extension of themselves. It is time to make your house your happy place! You need a space where you feel like your true authentic self. Where you feel alive and at the same time at peace.  Finding when what takes a building from a  house to a happy place can be an easy step!  We at Artistic Closet Designs are here to help. We have put together a few tips on ways to help you find your happy place.

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Mothers Day 2018

Making Mother’s Day Super Special

Ahh, Mother’s Day! It is that beautiful time of year here in Brevard County, as well as the rest of the nation, where we celebrate the outstanding women who brought us into this world and have made sure we had everything one could need. We couldn’t be more excited for this beautiful day of celebration! For many, this day is just another day on a calendar. But for those of us lucky enough to have the best mothers in the world (AKA all mothers), we want them to feel special and loved on this day dedicated to them. We want to make sure that they will always remember the amazing Mother’s Day they had this year! So, this year, we at Artistic Closet Designs thought it might be nice to put together a few tips and tricks to make this Mother’s Day the most special yet for the amazing maternal figures in your life.

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Need Custom Work Done? Choose Locally!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. When you get custom work done in your home you are faced with nothing but decisions. Not only do you need to decide what you want to be done, but you also need to decide who you can trust to come into your sanctuary to do it. Your home is your safe space and inviting outside help can be a tricky thing. Not only will they be coming into your home and changing things up, you also have to trust them to do the work well. So, how do you know who to choose when looking to get custom work done? Start by looking at companies that are locally owned and operated.

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Organize Your Life and Mind

Time is a funny thing. We don’t know about you, but it seems like 2018 is going by so fast we can barely believe it! It can be hard to remember where all that time has slipped away to. It probably feels like it was just yesterday that you were making your New Year’s resolutions and plans for the year ahead. Now, you may look around your home and notice that those little projects you started were never finished, your cleaning goals were never met, and things are thrown about the place.

At Artistic Closets Designs in Melbourne, FL, we know that when you lead busy lives, things like cleaning, organizing, and “me time” tend to go straight out the window. This is especially true if you have kids to look after who maybe don’t share the same desires for everything to be as clean and organized as you do. So this month, it might be a good idea to challenge ourselves a little. Resolve to get things back to the way you envisioned back in January. Here is how:

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Where Have Our Communities Gone?

Have you looked around lately and noticed that everything is starting to look the same? Every interstate exit seems to have the exact same food establishments, same gas stations, same drug stores. If you dare venture down the road you’re likely to witness the same scene at the next traffic light. Each shop is offering a better deal than the next. A $.99 taco or $1.49 burger, are we really eating this? And in bulk quantities no less? It appears major food and convenience store chains are trying to nickel and dime each other out of business rather than focusing on being the best in the business.

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

So many of us are fortunate to have the ability to work from home these days. The technology era has allowed us to begin to forgo the rigid 40-hour work week plus commute and errands and give way to a more flexible way of life. We may not all be so lucky yet, but more and more part or full time telecommute positions and e-commerce opportunities are popping up every day. However, with great flexibility comes great responsibility.

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