Organizing and Storing Your Gardening Supplies

Although it is winter, it is never too early to think about your spring gardening. You may be thinking about where you want to plant a first-time garden or what plants you want to add to an ever-growing garden. For any avid gardener, be it flowers, vegetables, or both, there are “tools of the trade” that you must possess and store.

A small shovel or trowel is a necessity for digging small holes in which to put your seeds or baby plants. They are also useful in digging up stubborn weeds. A three-pronged cultivator is another handy tool which can help with digging and weeding too. They are great at tearing into a stubborn root! One needs pruning shears to cut back certain plants during the year to allow for new, healthy growth. These come in a small, handheld version as well as a long-handled version, depending on your needs. Most gardeners have both. And, of course, don’t forget gloves! Not only can there be bacteria in the soil, you never know when a thorn might decide to deposit itself in your finger!

Along with your regular gardening tools, depending on how large your garden and its plants are, you may also use implements like full-size shovels and hoes. It is important to have a place to keep your gardening tools. If you leave them outside, they will most assuredly rust as the humidity in Florida is excellent at rusting things. You may have an outdoor shed in which to keep them which is great. But, how organized is your shed? Can you easily find the tools you are looking for?

Because of the wide array of storage and organization systems we offer, we can definitely make something to handily store your tools, giving you ease of access and the ability to find your items quickly because they will have their designated space in which to be kept. If you don’t have a shed, we can build you an organization system in your garage. Our Org-It-Wall might be the perfect solution for you. You can hang all your various tools on it. We can even hang a basket to hold your gloves.

Along with your tools, you may be storing things like seeds, soil, and fertilizer. The baskets that can be hung on the Org-It-Wall would be perfect for storing packets of seeds. For your soil and fertilizer, you might like us to build you a storage closet or a nice set of storage cabinets with your Org-It-Wall above them. We will work with the space you have to get your gardening accessories neatly stored and organized.

All you have to do is call us at Artistic Closet Designs. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and budget. We will work with you to make sure our design is to your satisfaction. Then, we will build you a beautiful space to store your gardening tools and supplies. If you are in the Melbourne, Satellite Beach, or Vero Beach areas, then please give us a call today!

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