Organizing for the Sake of Family

With a new year, we often become introspective, thinking about the deeper things in life.  Sadly, many people experience the loss of a loved one during the holiday season.  It just seems a little sadder during the holidays, but regardless it is part of life which we all know and accept.  This blog is definitely not meant to depress you but rather to draw attention to the fact that many of us are completely disorganized.  When we pass away, we leave behind a whole lot of STUFF.  Even if we don’t live a cluttered life, we still have a lifetime of things that our family has to go through deciding what to keep, throw away, or sell.  They have to find all our important paperwork and figure out what to do with our house and car.  In other words, a loved one’s death produces a giant undertaking (no pun intended) for those left to handle the estate.

We thought it might be helpful to discuss this and give some tips on how to be better organized for the sake of your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones.  First and foremost, have a will drafted.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  With a will in place, there can be no question as to what your wishes are.  Include in the will how you want your remains to be handled – burial or cremation.  Do you want them to hold a funeral service or do you want them to just gather for a family dinner?  Let them know before it’s too late.

Keep all your important papers together.  This will save your loved ones from searching through mounds of paperwork and dozens of drawers in your house.  If possible, keep them in a safe or fireproof box designed for this very purpose.  If you keep anything in a safe, paperwork or otherwise, make sure that your loved ones have the combination or include that information in your will.

Make sure your loved ones know where all your paperwork is kept.  If you choose not to put it in a safe or fireproof box, then have it in a file drawer that is organized and labeled.  Make sure that all bank accounts, mortgages, car loans, and any other loans are all readily accessible, along with any investment information.

We also encourage you to have a life insurance policy.  If you can’t afford to pay much per month, then get a small policy of $10,000 or $20,000.  Anything will be a blessing to your family.  It will also help if they need to make any of your bill payments while all the paperwork is being processed.  Another important reason to have life insurance is that none of us know how long we have here on earth.  Unfortunately, there are untimely deaths.  If you can afford a larger insurance policy, we highly encourage you to get one, particularly if you still have children living at home.  It can be very difficult for one spouse to support the household financially after the passing of a spouse.  A life insurance policy can ensure that your children have a college education and that your spouse won’t fall on financially difficult times.

At Artistic Closet Designs, we specialize in closet and garage organization and storage systems.  We would love to help you by creating an organization system in your Vero Beach home office space to keep all your important documents organized and easily accessible.  We can even build it around your safe!  You can make a difficult time a little easier for your family by having your affairs in order.  Let us help you organize and store everything they need.  Give us a call today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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