Organizing Your Hobby Area

When we think of organizing we often think about the “important” or “necessary” areas like our kitchens and closets.  Most of us have a hobby or multiple ones.  With a hobby comes accessories that need to be stored.  Most likely, your hobby items are not stored in the kitchen.  They might be stored in a closet.  And, depending on the hobby, they may be stored in the garage.

When you have time to enjoy your hobby, you don’t want to spend that time looking for the very items that you need to do it!  It’s time to organize your hobby items.  Where these items are stored will depend on what storage space you have available, as well as what your actual hobby is.  For instance, if your hobby is fishing, you probably wouldn’t store your poles, jigs, and hooks inside the house.  These items would be better kept in the garage. If your hobby is knitting, you probably want to keep your items within easy reach somewhere in the house.

Space can be allocated almost anywhere.  If you have unused closet space in a guest room or even a corner of the garage that isn’t being well utilized, we can turn it into a great space to store your hobby items.  Is reading your passion?  Let us build some beautiful bookshelves for you.  If you like to keep things hidden so the house looks tidy, we can build these shelves inside a closet or make you “book cabinets,” instead of the standard bookshelves.  We are not limited by “the norm” or the “usual.”  We can customize your storage and organization systems in order to meet your specific needs.

If you love crocheting or knitting, a space with drawers or cubbies for your yarn might be in order, along with a basket or drawer for your needles.  Perhaps working on your genealogy is your hobby.  In this case, you might like some shelves or drawers to store newspaper articles and photos that you are collecting, along with a space to keep your computer or laptop used for your research.

If your hobby is outdoor-oriented, such as gardening or fishing, then we can build your organization/storage space in the garage or maybe in a sturdy shed.  We can make a space to keep all your gardening tools so that they are easy to find and readily accessible.  We can build specialized racks for your fishing poles and our Org-It-Wall would be perfect for your lures.  If you enjoy sports or have kids at home that play sports, we have a variety of organizational tools to keep all your sports equipment where it belongs.  You will no longer be searching for a soccer ball or baseball mitt when you should already be in the car on the way to practice because you will know right where they are when you need them!

At Artistic Closet Designs, we love making your space more usable and organized.  We offer a variety of finishes for our shelving and cabinets, along with many choices for the hardware on them.  We can make your storage system as personalized as you would like it to be.  Our hobby is helping you have the garage and closet storage organization systems you need to make your life easier!  From Melbourne down to Vero Beach, FL, from the zip codes 32963 to 32955,  let us be the company you call for your organization and storage needs.

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