Spring Cleaning Your Closets

For some of you, the words “spring cleaning” bring a happy little flutter to your chest.  For others, those same words can bring about chest pains as opposed to happy flutters!  There is no need to panic.  Cleaning out your closets for the warm weather doesn’t have to be an ominous task that you dread.

With warmer weather comes a shift in wardrobe.  The size of your wardrobe will determine the extent of your closet spring cleaning project.  For some of you (men and women, alike!) this means completely emptying your closet of an entire winter wardrobe in order to replace that space with your warm weather clothes, shoes, and accessories.  If the other members of your family have large wardrobes too, then maybe you can all take a Saturday to do this task simultaneously.  It might help you get through it if you don’t feel like you’re all alone!


A task like this can take a few hours depending, as we said, on the extent of your wardrobe.  In order to pass the time, we have a couple of suggestions for you.  Put on some fun, upbeat music to keep you moving along with your task.  If your be-bopping around as you do it, it might go a little faster.  Other options are putting on a television show if you have a television in your room.  But, this poses the danger of distracting you. You may find yourself sitting on your bed enthralled with a show.  All of a sudden you are binge-watching TV instead of spring closet cleaning!  Another good option, probably better than the TV, is a podcast.  Whether you play it over a speaker or use your earbuds, find an interesting podcast that keeps you engaged.  Things with a storyline can keep you interested, and it really can help the time pass quickly.


Once you have removed your winter items from your closet, it’s time to put in those bright, lightweight warm weather clothes. Hooray!  As you’re doing this, you should take the opportunity to put aside any items that you no longer want.  They may be out of style, not your taste, no longer fit, or simply worn out from wear.  Make a throw-away pile (worn out items) and a donation pile.  Only put items into your closet that you really want to keep and will actually wear.


Most importantly in this process is deciding if your closet is actually working for you.  Maybe yours is fine, but the kids’ closets are in disarray.  Whoever the closet belongs to, whatever the need, Artistic Closet Designs is here to help!  We are located in Melbourne, FL but serve all our surrounding areas from Viera down to Vero Beach with our custom closet and garage organization services.  If your closets need to be re-designed and organized, we are ready to do an outstanding job for you.  Let’s sit down together and design your dream closet today!

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