Storage for Safety

You may associate professional storage spaces with organization systems. You might think that proper storage is great for some people, but you aren’t overly concerned with it. However, storage and organization aren’t only a preference; they also serve practical purposes.

If you have children and/or pets, then storing particular items safely is important. There are things in our homes, garages, and yards that we use on a daily or weekly basis. You may not have thought about the safety issues associated with such items. Having designated and organized storage spaces for items that are hazardous to children and/or pets is essential.

Inside the home, there are a variety of items that are hazardous if ingested or used improperly. In the bathroom, you may want to store items like Q-tips, which can be poked into little eyes and ears causing pain and even damage, in a storage area that is not easily accessible to children. Other items in the bathroom may include such things as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or nail polish remover. You might think the odor of these items would deter children from ingesting them, but everyone is unique as to what smells they like. To you, nail polish remover may smell horrible, but someone else might really like the smell. That is one reason that you don’t want to give small children the opportunity to get their hands on these items.

In the kitchen, you will definitely want knives stored in a safe area, along with any cleaners that you might keep under the sink. If you use “pods” for your dishwasher, you should definitely have these out of the reach of children as they are often brightly colored, squishy, and may appear to a child to be candy. For this same reason, laundry “pods” should be kept away from children’s reach, as well.

The garage or shed almost always have items that are dangerous for children and pets. You should keep all pesticides safely stored, as well as items like lawn fertilizer. If you have a pool, keep pool chemicals and chlorine tablets where children cannot get to them. Antifreeze for your vehicles is the color of many children’s drinks and actually has a sweet taste. Dogs and children have been known to ingest it because of this. Never leave this where they have easy access to it. You should also keep sharp objects like pruning shears in a safe storage space.

At Artistic Closet Designs, we specialize in professional organization and storage systems for your home and garage or shed. While we are located in Melbourne, FL and we serve all surrounding areas, including Viera, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach, and Vero Beach. We will discuss your needs and available space and come up with a great system to store your hazardous items. You want your children and/or pets to be safe, and we are excited to be a part of making that happen! If you need a professional garage organizer in Vero Beach or would like a closet system installed in your Melbourne, FL home, we’re ready to serve you, so give us a call today!

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