Where Can You Store Easter Goodies?

It seems like we don’t live just one day at a time, but by jumping from one holiday to the next!  We got through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day with other holidays thrown in like New Year’s Day.  It seems that once January ends we feel headed happily toward spring!  With each of these holidays, you probably have items to store.  This may include decorations that have to be stored throughout the year.  It may also include items that have to be temporarily stored like Hanukkah gifts or Valentine’s treats.  Now that spring is approaching, many of you may have to hide Easter goodies from your little ones.

We thought that it would be fun to give you some ideas for the Easter baskets this year, as well as letting you know that we have storage solutions for you.  Of course, when you think of Easter baskets, the first thing that you may think of is the iconic chocolate Easter bunny.  If this is a tradition for your family, we certainly don’t want to discourage it.  There are other options available now such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the shape of an egg and chocolate crosses too.

Packages of gum or other little packs of candy are usually favorites too, but not every kid has a big sweet tooth.  Some kids prefer sour candy varieties or even no candy at all.  If you have a child who isn’t a huge candy fan, you can throw in some other fun snack ideas like beef jerky, trail mix, or little packs of animal crackers, or cookies.

It’s also fun to throw in little gifts other than food.  Most stores have an aisle of goodies this time of year.  You can find Easter-themed pencils, erasers, and activity books.  Younger kids may enjoy a coloring book with a fresh pack of crayons while older kids may enjoy an adult coloring book with colored pencils.  Kids of all ages might enjoy a fiction book, as well.

But, what do you do with all these great ideas?  Where do you hide all these goodies from nosy little girls and boys?  We suggest that you call us at Artistic Closet Designs!  We can take your available storage space and turn it into your new holiday decor/goodies storage space.  We offer a wide variety of cubbies, bins, drawers, and cabinets.  You will definitely be able to find the perfect hiding spot to keep items from prying eyes!

We are located in Melbourne, FL and serve all surrounding areas from Viera to Vero Beach, from the zip codes 32936 to 32955.  When it comes to closet organization, garage organization, and using all available storage space, we are the company to call!  We will sit down and collaborate with you to help you figure out exactly what your organization needs are.  Then, we will make your organization dreams come true!

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